Saturday, October 8th at 7:30 PM

The Jethros

45 Webster St., Rockland (Next to the Post Office)
Space is limited. Doors open at 7.

Suggested donation: $10-$20

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Back by Popular Demand

The Jethros realized their common destiny while collaborating in a backup band for mutual friends. Over the years they've become something of a fixture in the folk music scene of New Bedford and nearby places, and were the founders of the New Bedford Folk Festival's Southcoast Stage. Their original songs and unique arrangements are consistently lauded by critics of art, music, and architecture; frequently covered by other local musicians; and captured in three albums of recorded music. The current family tree goes like this: Homer Jethro sings and plays guitar, banjo, and mouth organ; Rufus Jethro sings and plays trumpet, trombone, and uke, Skillet Jethro sings and caresses the drums, Boney Jethro whistles and plays fiddle, bones, and other small percussion; and Gaston Jethro plays bass as though it were seven distinct instruments. Together they are The Jethros, and they are delighted to present their folk/blues/alt/soul/swing-jazz/bluegrass/funk/country/mariachi/klezmer stylings to one and all.

The Menu

  • Assorted home-baked goods

  • Selection of coffee and tea

  • Sodas and bottled water

  • Sandwiches

  • Award-winning Chili

  • Mocktails by Riot RCVRY

Open Mic Set

The Open Mic set is BACK at the Open Road Coffeehouse! If you are a singer, musician, comedian, or just have a good story to share, sign up for our open mic set when you come in. We have a mic and amp available, but musicians must be able to carry their own instruments on and off the stage. Open mic participants may not use the band's equipment. We will allow participants to come up in order of signup and perform one song. If time allows, we may invite everyone to come up for a second.

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The Venue

Channing Church
45 Webster St., Rockland

Channing Church is a Unitarian Universalist congregation located in the heart of Rockland. It has been home to coffeehouse events for many years and proud to be the venue for the Open Road Coffeehouse.