Expect the unexpected at the Open Road Coffeehouse, Rockland’s space for artistic experimentation.

As part of their mission to create community connections, Channing Church hosts the Open Road Coffeehouse to introduce residents of Rockland and our surrounding communities with local musicians and other performers. This series of volunteer-run live music events offers a comfortable environment where friends and family can gather and enjoy local music and even showcase their own talents during the open mic set at each show.

The hall can seat 100 people at tables and chairs and is wheelchair accessible. We serve people of all ages, gender identities, cultural background, socioeconomic status, and LGBTQ+ individuals.

What is a coffeehouse?

Coffeehouses are experimental spaces where live performers can stretch and try out new material. It is not constrained to any one style of music or even performance style. Many of our country’s most thought-provoking artists honed their acts in coffeehouses, like George Carlin, Joan Baez, Bob Dylan, and the Beat poets of the 1950s. Albums have been recorded at world famous coffeehouses like the Cafe Au Go Go in Greenwich Village, NY. Their reputation as experimental spaces attract audiences open to new ideas and cultural experiences, allowing artists to grow.

But you don’t have to go to Amsterdam, NYC, or even Boston for the coffeehouse experience. The Open Road is right here in Rockland.

Artists LOVE our venue.

Unlike a bar or restaurant, the Open Road Coffeehouse atmosphere is centered around the stage. Guests enjoy coffee and refreshments while actively engaging with the show. Musicians and music lovers connect in a cozy, intimate setting. This gives performers the unique opportunity to experiment with new sounds, instruments, and fresh material.

We’ve seen bands bring surprise guests on stage to play with them, perform with new band members for the first time, and debut new songs. Plus, guests have the opportunity to showcase their own talents during our open mic set, and even give their very first performance. You never know what will happen at the Open Road Coffeehouse!

About Channing Church.

Channing Church is a welcoming multi-faith community. We are not bound to any statement of belief nor are members required to subscribe to any set creed. We celebrate diversity, acceptance, development, and spiritual growth for all ages. Our faith involves the intentional creation of community and connections that support a free search for truth for everyone.

As a UUA designated “Welcoming Congregation,” we are intentionally inclusive of bisexual, gay, lesbian, and transgender people.

We have hosted more than 50 coffeehouse events over the years. In 2019, we relaunched as the Open Road to continue our legacy as a cultural hub in the heart of Rockland.